Total War: Three Kingdoms News – Total War: Three Kingdom’s New In-Engine Trailer Takes us on a Hero’s Journey

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We’re beginning to march mighty close to Total War: Three Kingdoms’ release date and Creative Assembly has helped speed up the wait with a new in-engine look at the scenic lands we’ll soon be conquering in ancient China.

The Hero’s Journey trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms introduces us to legendary hero Zhuge Liang, a military strategist wandering China in a hunt for a leader worthy to call his master.

Next week we’ll be getting some more goodies from Total War: Three Kingdoms thanks to some new gameplay at long last. Creative Assembly has promised they’ll be showcasing how spies work in Three Kingdoms. In Total War games, spies are powerful units capable of discovering hidden agents and armies, as well as assassinating designated targets or manipulating enemy characters to your side. They should be pretty handy for any would-be champion of the Three Kingdoms then.

Total War: Three Kingdoms comes to PC on March 7th.

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